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104 thoughts on “Chords

  1. Hello Bro,

    i have sent out all the songs to you, please check and confirm me once have look.

    All those are regular songs, so hope you can help me on all.

    Thank you so Much,

  2. Vijay anna praise the Lord.
    Thank you for making this blog and blessing us and helping us. Iam learning a lot from this chords. By being subscribed to this I have been improved of my playing keys. Thanku anna
    Continue to be blessed.

  3. Hi Brother, Praise the Lord,
    I have been blessed by subscribing your website since very long time. I have learnt to play most of the songs on guitar and supporting church worship by singing the songs. Thank you very much for sharing your hard work with all of us.

    I want to request you 3 more songs for the guitar chords.

    1. Chalunayya chalunayya nee krupa naku chalunayya
    2. Thallila lalinchunu…., thandrila palinchunu…
    3. Cheyi pattuko na cheyi pattuko… jaripokunda.. ne padipokunda.. yesu na cheyi pattuko…

    Please post these three wonderful songs for my church brother. Hoping you will confider my request. Many thanks in advance.

  4. god bles u bro.. im joshua .. frm chennai ..
    i want the piano notes for “Yesu nee prema entho entho madhuram” song..
    so plz snd me the notes as soon as possible.. if u can.

  5. Brother I appreciate you for helping the learners with these guitar chords. I loved it and trying to learn. Please keep on helping people like me. Prof.Manohar, Karimnagar

    I am learning Keyboard but i don’t know how to use chords in a song, when i saw your blog i feel very happy to learning chords to apply songs….Thank Q Very much brother.

  7. Brother Vijay, Thanks a lot for all the work. You are helping us praise God with the church. Could you please post “E reethi nee runam theerchukondu nesayya”? I am using the same chords to play the key board. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it. Every Blessing.

    • Hi Brother Samuel,

      I am glad that you are able to use this site to Praise God. Will try to post your request when I get a chance. Have been busy with traveling for work.


  8. Dear administrator please post the chords for d song
    Yese na daivamu..yese na margamu..yese na satyamu by kripal mohan please.

  9. God Bless You and Kripal Mohan.
    i would like to play the intro lick for Na Jeevan Naa Pranam, can you give us the tabs

  10. Hi Brother, you are almost the only source of chords for telugu gospel songs online. Could you please give post chords for ‘Stotram chellinthumu’

  11. Hi bro, can you provide the chords for “kalvari girilona siluvalo sreeyesu palu baadhalondenu, thank you for your help, God Bless!

  12. hey guys thanks for the valuable resources available here. I am interested to get many songs from this website. And i will be very much helpful if anyone can provide me the chords of sadhakalmu song and Dheva Na yesayya song by Stanley Jones and i’l let you know more songs which in need from this website.

  13. Hello brother Benedict, thank you for taking time to leave a positive feedback. I am glad that my work is able to help you in worshiping God. Please keep me in your prayers.

  14. Bother thank you soo much, these chords are very helpful to me and to my church.
    God bless you and all your family.

  15. Doing great job brother. Very helpful.
    When you have time please post “sadakalamu neetho nenu.” song chords.
    God Bless you.

    Thank you,

  16. plese sent those address brother.
    once again I am prasing god . the work you are doing.
    I also pry that anointing of god will double in you.
    to give strength in the work you are doing .
    praise god.
    all glowry to jesus.

  17. I am praising god the work that you have done.
    all glowry to god.
    I hope god will use mightly in coming. days
    god bless you aboundently.
    if possible provide chords for poular enlish songs or chorus.

  18. helo mr.vijay…
    i fisrt praise GOD congratulate u fr ur work. its fine that u give chords n if its possible pls do post these songs in all the scales , like every song is in a particular scale in its original composition. but generally all the singers cant reach the higher scales so try to post these songs in all ll be useful for instrument learners a lot such that they can improve their fingering in each chord by playing many songs in each scale.

    • Hi Sudheer,

      Thank you for the suggestion. Posting one single song in multiple scales takes lot of time and effort. But, transposing the song to the scale that fits your voice range is pretty simple using some other online resources. Will try to provide options to transpose in the future but at this time I wont be able to post in different scales.

      Sorry, couldnt help much.

      God Bless,

  19. Thank you much Vijay……………..hope to see more posts in the days to come… 🙂 wish you post chords for this song…..””….thanks 🙂


    Charanam :

    chirakala snehithuda na hrudhayana sannihithuda
    na thodu nee vayya ne sneham chalayya
    na needa nee vayya priya prabhuva yesayya
    chirakala sneham……idhi na yesu sneham 2 times

    Pallavi 1:

    bhandhuvulu velivesina veliveyani sneham
    lokana lenatti oh dhivya sneham na yesu nee sneham
    chirakalam sneham…..idhi na yesu sneham 2 times

    Pallavi 2:

    kashtalalo kanneellalo nanu muyu ne sneham
    na dhiryaparachi adharana kaliginchu na yesu nee sneham
    chirakala sneham……idhi na yesu sneham 2 times

  21. Dear Brother, You are doing a great job, It is also a king of minitry you are doing, it will be more helpfull use full for the future generations to learn & praise God, If you dont mind please upload some of the selected songs, which use to sing in church regularly and to learn advance muisc, I had a list, some of Yesanna, AR Stevenson, SPB, Ezra Shastri, Bilmoria, Etc Nazaraiuda naa yeshiah, Yudha sthuthi Gothrapu simhama, Abrahamu devudavu, Adhig Anjuram O Christava, Bhajinthu mu Ninnu, Chirakala Snehithuda, EE Galivanalona, Entha Deenathi O yesiah, Kalyanam kamniyum E samaya athimaduram, Maa Intiperu pashuvula paaka, Neekistamainadi kaavali devuniki, Neevu chesina uupakaaramulaku, Shaashwatha mainadhi prema Nannu yeda bhayani prema, Vijayageethamu, Yatrikulamu manamandharam, Ye reethi neerunam thierchukundhun yesuva, Yesu Neeve kaavalaiaha, Beekarundu Maa yahova, Yahva na moralalindhu nu, Mangaame yesunaku, Parishudha parishudha prabhuva, Thanks brother, I think it might be helpfull for most of the people.

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